As the world transitions to electric vehicles, one obvious concern is what happens to batteries that are in disused vehicles before they are put out of commission? Jaguar has teamed up with Pramac to develop a use for these older batteries, using renewable energy and Jaguar I-PACE batteries to power a zero-emissions storage unit.

This off-grid system uses solar panels to recharge the batteries that provide power to the facility, and Pramac’s technology features battery materials from Jaguar I-PACE batteries that were no longer in working vehicles. These batteries came from concept and test vehicles, and are being used as an experiment to better understand how we can recycle old EV batteries when they are no longer suited for powering a vehicle.

In addition, this off-grid technology can be used to bring electricity to places where typical power sources aren’t accessible, helping power the world and reduce pollution for existing grids so we can all live on a healthier planet.

Tested in the world of Formula E, this off-grid technology powered the ABB FIA Jaguar TCS Racing team’s diagnostic equipment during tests in both Spain and the UK, proving to be a viable proof of concept that has translated into this latest endeavor.

What This Means for You

This means that when you buy a new Jaguar I-PACE from our Houston dealership, you can feel great that your decision is about much more than reducing your individual environmental impact. Buying the lone EV in our new Jaguar inventory can help improve the environment of the world at large as we continue to make advancements in recycled EV technology and drive toward a sustainable future.

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