Electric SUV Showdown: The Jaguar I-PACE Compared to the Audi e-tron

The future is here, with all-electric vehicles like the Jaguar I-PACE and the Audi e-tron becoming more and more popular. Wondering which electric luxury performance SUV is right for you and your style? Here's a brief overview of how the Jaguar I-PACE and the Audi e-tron compare.

Performance Power

Many drivers choose SUV for their strength, and when going with a premier sport brand, you expect a lot of power. The Jaguar I-PACE offers incredible performance with its dual electric motors, which provide 512 pound-feet of torque directly to the wheels, resulting in a zero to sixty acceleration time of just 4.5 seconds. The Audi e-tron is quick, but lags behind the I-PACE with only 414 pound-feet of torque and a zero to sixty acceleration time of 5.5 seconds.

Vehicle Pricing

You may expect higher performance to come at a high premium, but the Jaguar I-PACE may surprise you, with an MSRP starting at $69,500. The less powerful Audi e-tron SUV has a less attractive starting MSRP of $74,800.

To see the Jaguar I-PACE advantages first-hand, visit your Jaguar dealership in Houston for a test-drive.

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