Failed Emission Inspection and Why Exhaust Service Matters

The emissions your car produces get measured when you have your car inspected. When you fail your emissions, this is because your car is producing dangerous toxins that are harmful for the environment. If you fail your inspection for emissions, it's time to head to Jaguar Houston Central to see what repairs are necessary.

The catalytic converter on your vehicle takes in air from the engine and changes the quality of the air, cleaning it to be released to the environment. When the catalytic converter is blocked, it's impossible to clean the air going through it properly. In addition, you may have trouble driving your vehicle if there are problems with the exhaust system. When air doesn't flow correctly through your engine and exhaust system, you may have trouble picking up speed. Call our auto service department in Houston, Texas today if you are having problems with your vehicle or if your car has failed inspection and you need a repair.

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