What To Do When a Car is Parked in the Shoulder Lane

Like many other drivers you most likely have driven past emergency vehicles and broken down cars on the side of the road. If you have, you may have noticed that it felt like your vehicle got very close to the parked vehicle. Imagine how this must feel for the person in the parked car. It can be very scary when cars are flying past your parked vehicle only a few feet away every few seconds. So what can you do to make this situation not as scary?

Move over. If you are about to pass a car in the shoulder lane, move over so you aren't passing them so closely. The driver of the parked car will appreciate this very much. If it is impossible to get over, slow down to at least 15 mph below the speed limit.

Our staff at Jaguar Houston Central wants to make sure everyone has a good experience while out on the road, so make sure you move over when a car is in the shoulder.

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