Holiday Travel With Great Food

It's that season when we travel to see family or friends. We might make our own dish for the lunch or dinner. We need to make sure the dish is secure. There are several ways to travel wisely with food during the holidays.

It's always good to utilize your most portable dishes. You should avoid glass and opt for plastic or rubber containers when possible. You'll still want to make sure the food is sealed correctly. You might want to test the container before leaving the house. This means you can tip it slightly to see if it does leak.

You'll also want to avoid overfilling any containers. You'll be less likely to spill anything if it's 3/4 or 1/2 full. You also need to make sure your container is secure. You can use towels or newspapers. You might utilize a cardboard box to store the container and food. The towels can keep it secure and in place. Potholders might also be convenient for hot food. You'll need to pick a good location to place your food. You can buckle the box up in your back seat. You can make sure it's resting tightly in your cargo area.

You can also visit our sales department for more info. We have some amazing new inventory with plenty of space to carry food and other items for holiday travel.
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